22.Mar.2020 - 21.Mar.2021

MoMA Lemon Tittmoning

Stadtgartl 1


Lot Nr. 1

Oil on Uncut Dollar Currency Sheet
Framed with Museumsglas on one side, normal glass on reverse.

Auction Starting Price 3.000€
Message to Don Thompson, the author of, 12 Million Dollar Shark
Hi Don, any chance we could get David Nash in New York to look at this & buy it? You know, the guy who was quoted as saying, "Paintings of cows never do well never", yeh him. He handles million euro works you wrote,
all for a good cause Don,
Pete Kilkenny

All Proceeds from AUCTION KINDNESS will go to people in need. The starting price is for this piece far too low to have much effect. I would prefer a million. Not bad for a man who doesn't care about money. That's why I am an artist and not a banker. With a million I could help more than just Gerhard Bosselmann.
Real value is in my heart and not in the bank. I make art and I don't need to tell you what a van Gogh is worth or a notebook from Leonardo di Vinci. Mr. Bill Gates paid many millions for one of di Vinci's notebooks, far more than you'd pay for one from Microsoft.
Due to the present panic it has never been more apparent that the world needs food and water not money, banks & last, sorry politicians, and least, politics.
I challenge all politicians, bankers and hoarders of money to give generously. It is after all money that ruins this beautiful world and it is your money not mine that everybody needs now.
High time for all politicians and bankers worldwide to give up their jobs and start doing something useful. I have an idea for you all, we can all take sheets of money and paint lovely pictures on them like I have done and hang them in all the MoMA`s of the world.
Kindness rules the world now. I always knew art (creativity) would save the world! Thank you Bill Gates for aiding me! No MoMA Lemon without Microsoft. Ok I use Apple too, even though I prefer lemons any day!

Thank You.
The proceeds from this auction will go entirely to Gerhard Bosselmann.

Die für den Verkauf dieses Werkes erhaltene Summe geht direkt an Gerhard Bosselmann

Kindness wins people. Within minutes of me releasing this Event yesterday on the 23rd March 2020, I received messages from people begrudgingly attacking Gerhard Bosselmann and therein me and my wish to help him. I know one of these begrudgers personally, I dropped him immediately as a so called "friend" on facebook. I know he is against anything that is green, against anything that is environment friendly, actually mocking things that are good for the earth. And now grudging an act of KINDNESS. Well he can take his begrudgery into his own cellar if he has one. He is a well known citizen in Tittmoning, my home City, and I am willing to talk to him about KINDNESS if he so wishes. Not about grudgery.
I look in my cellar and will continue to do so for as long as it takes for I know that any grudge that I have is in my cellar and no one else's. Work to do on my grudges.
To grudge is to judge and whoever judges condemns him or herself.

Guess what people, my last job as an employee was for, "Wolf Bäckerei", in Augsburg in 1991. Mein Lohn war so beschissen, ich habe nur 3 Wochen dort gearbeitet, das ich direkt zu der Chef gegangen bin um ihm das zu sagen. Mehr bekomme ich nicht hat er gesagt, irgendwelche englische Schimpwörte habe ich ihm angeschrien und bin gegangen. Seit dem bin ich selbstständig. Also wenn Herrn Bosselmann nicht ok war mit seine Angestellten dann müssen sie selber darum kümmern! Ich hätte vor der Corona Virus gekündigt!

Give up all
And you gain all
Be kind people
Even to Gerhard Bosselmann, or are you perfect?
In the famous words of Brendan Behan, "Fuck the begrudgers"

Pete Kilkenny
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He's playing CORONOPOLY the real life game of KINDNESS from MoMA Lemon
13.03.2020 to 13.03.2021

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He's playing CORONOPOLY the real life game of KINDNESS from MoMA Lemon