Artist in Residency Program · MoMA Lemon

Residency program ・MoMA Lemon Studio & Gallery

MoMA Lemon's doors are flying off of their hinges, fences and garden gates have long been disposed of, making way for creative individuals working in any genre, including visual art, music and literature to fulfil their dreams.

At present we have a large studio space in the small city of Tittmoning in beautiful Bavaria in the countryside between Munich in Germany & Salzburg in Austria, at present the working space of artist Pete Kilkenny where he has worked for 13 years now.
We also have a gallery space in the neighboring city of Burghausen where future resident artists can exhibit their work simultaneously.

Residencies for this program are available for an unlimited amount of time. We collaborate in the most open manner possible allowing the artist to make full use of our spaces. 

It is our ultimate goal to provide an emerging artist with the best environment and studio space culminating in an exhibition in one of our many spaces both in Germany as well as in other cities & countries around the world, including Moscow in Russia, Denpasar on the Island of Bali in Indonesia & Pitlochry in Scotland with other artists with whom we have collaborated over recent years.

Artists may apply specifying their purpose or project which they wish to complete during the residency so we can consider in which way the participation will benefit his/her current career goals and future opportunities.
Details of the project or specific purpose should be outlined in the artist's submission proposal.

MoMA Lemon Gallery may be made open to the public as a work in progress throughout the residency. The artist will be able to use both the interior space of MoMA Lemon Gallery in Burghausen as well as the very spacious studio space in Tittmoning where they can also live.

Artists can be of any age whatsoever and must be eligible to travel to and stay in Germany for the period of his/her residency. If you are applying from a country such as for example Russia or India we can also vouch for a statement to enable you to make full use of our residency program.
We don’t care if you have studied art or not. We at MoMA Lemon know that earnestness isn’t a process, it’s a necessity. If you require a crisis to get you going we can organize that too.

There are no submission fees though we must cover our costs. Yes freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose but the taxman is not free.

We believe in giving and not taking and with the correct collaboration by us all giving everything we have, all will be perfect.
For each individual we will assess which is the best way possible for both the artist and the gallery to embark on the journey together.

For further information on this and other artist opportunities contact us at: