Dima Hunzelweg


Dima makes beautiful sculptures. They are hard yet they appear soft. Steel so accurately cut that the edges melt into you.

This picture was taken in his studio in Moscow in front of an Artwork by Dima.

I am wearing my Methaneless Cow shirt.

Together we were planning to make a Designer Label together, an art team as we are. Dima for precision. Swetlana Barina for the delicate touch. She made a Methaneless Cow shirt for the wonderful singer Olga Lisikova, also part of our team with a whole bunch of other creative people in Moscow, Martin & Natasha Cooke & the Flying Banana Children's Theatre.

Swetlana also made a Methaneless Cow mask to warn off the dangers of corona.


Then men started to fight again, over power, land & oil. Things our team don't need.

I hope with all my heart that patriarchy will end its reign over the world. So the creative force can return to its righteous place. And Dima & Swetlana & myself can get back to ARTbeiten.

Life doesn't need us to live.