Igor TTTM Scotland


Igor & I met in Vienna in the Ticket to The Moon Store in February 2018

I wanted to buy a second hammock for my MoMA Lemon Gallery in Burghausen in Germany to save me transporting my only hammock to & fro.
Some hours later totally inspired by Igor & his wonderful Charisma & the story behind this unique hammock maker I became a TTTM dealer

At the moment I have about 30 hammocks, I'm not very good at dealing TTTM I'm hooked on these incredible colourful best hammocks in the world so I tend to keep them all for myself :-)

Since February 2018 I have been to Utopia, to Bali where the Ticket to the Moon Factory is & where the company is based 3 times, really soaking up the energy & the synergy of Charlie the founder of TTTM & the hundreds strong team of happy balinese TTTM workers.
I also spend time in Vienna occasionally with the wonderful TTTM team in Vienna in their office sometimes sharing Igor's Viennese flat when he's on the Island of Bali

This company is more than just hammocks, they are visionaries to make this world a little bit better place to be. Of course visions need lots of other likewise kind & inspired folk to make the vision reality

Video on Youtube: "Ticket to The Moon - Inside the Factory 2022"
Take a look, I have never been so inspired by a company ever before