Daniil Kovalyov is a Sculptor working in Moscow. He creates foremost considerably large bronze sculptures together with his team of assistants.

"We call this place Armageddon", Daniil says, referring to the workshop where the bronze sculptures are cast. The bronze workshop and the adjoining enormous studio was once the workplace of what Pete Kilkenny refers to as the, "Russian Michelangelo", Dmitry Ryaybichev.

Dmitry Ryabichev was a soviet artist who made colossal sculptures under the communist regime. After the fall of communism he became internationally known particularly through his affinity and connection to India making numerous sculptures of Mahatma Ghandi, Jawaharlal Nehru and the then Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi with whom he had personal contact.

Daniil Kovalyov is the partner of the great sculptor's grand-daughter Daniela Ryabicheva who is also an artist.

MoMA Lemon Gallery came into contact with Daniil via Pete Kilkenny when he was invited to be, "Artist in Residence", in the same studios in Moscow in 2016.

An exhibition of Daniil Kovalyov's work will be exhibited in MoMA Lemon Gallery in Germany in 2020.