Martin Cooke


I hope with all my heart that when the male dominated rage in the world stops that we can get back to our passionately heartfelt feminine creative lives again.


Martin Cooke is a professional performer specializing in Electronic Melodeclamation, (the art of combining classical poetry and acting, with contemporary music). He runs the Queen’s English theatre project in Moscow, working as theatre Director and vocal coach, using the principle of ‘English through Art’ to help actors improve their ‘emotional actioning’. Martijn trained at the Harold Pinter studio theatre in England, he worked as Dramaturge at Theatre Clwyd, Wales, alongside the likes of Sir Anthony Hopkins and Julie Christie. Martin is consultant to ‘English Chamber Theatre (President Dame Judy Dench.) He has appeared in numerous Russian films including the propaganda feature ‘Olympus Inferno’. He worked as actor and adviser with film Director Pavel Ruminov, on the feature film, "Will Be Near", which won 1st prize at the 2012 Sochi film festival.

Martin Cooke is the man behind the child in everybody. I met him in 2017 & have never stopped looking behind me ever since.

Creator of The Flying Banana Children's Theatre • Moscow