Swetlana Barina


fashion artist/tailor

Swetlana Barina and her artist designer partner Dima Hunzelweg will be cooperating together with us to develop a working MoMA Lemon Gallery & Artist in Residency Studio in the City of Moscow.

In 2017 Swetlana made a „Methaneless Cows“ Kilkenny Designer blouse for singer Olga Lisikova who works for the Theatre, „Flying Banana“ in Moscow.

In 2020 the Methaneless Cow design was also used for a fashion mask which we at MoMA Lemon decided after a lengthy board meeting with our Design partners around the world not to release to the public. We came to the conclusion that the mask could be useful in protecting people from politics and other viruses merely by them simply believing it would help.
It is enough then to imagine that you are wearing the mask and will be protected by the power of your own beliefs. The power of the placebo Mask, as we call it, is similar to the so-called, "Power of Cow", a deeply heartfelt and overwhelming experience of tranquility which the artist Pete Kilkenny experienced 20 years ago during a moment of deep despair which set a process in motion that would relieve him from depression from which he had been suffering all his life.

There are only two masks in the world. Just by staring at one of the masks can release a feeling of peace and tranquility which will work wonders on any concerns of being alienated by politicians and fend off your worry of getting a virus. You become conscious of your own awareness and fear is replaced by love.

We consulted a top biologist who verified that our methaneless mask could actually have positive psychological side effects yet he strongly wishes to remain anonymous to avoid being attacked. 

Thank you Swetlana Barina for this wonderful protection. At MoMA Lemon we won't be needing masks as we generally avoid politics like the plague & love to stay at home regardless where we are surrounded by music, art, & the wonder of nature.

Further in 2020 we are developing a brand new „Jill of Hearts“ collection fit for a Queen which is part of our European Community project to support the less fortunate in Europe titled, „Love rules the Waves“

This will also include the new pattern „WOW“ based on butterflies and lemons.

Stay healthy
Stay at home
Be universal
Act local