"The Will to Perfection“

Christian Günther is at present learning italian, he’s always learning something new.
Far too modest for his own good he strives for perfection, always with the desire to do whatever it is he’s doing that little bit better.

Apart from learning languages and his passion for sailing Christian is a highly professional Media Designer. How a letter is put on paper is what he can pride himself on after more than 30 years experience designing & printing, according to the wishes of his loyal customers.
The only limit is your imagination. His is, at least when it comes down to print mediums, limitless.

Being my neighbor since 14 years I have to say that it was destiny all the way from the very beginning that we should be close.
The expertise & craft of Christian Günther’s media designing skills have served my work as an artist immensely and for as long as I live will continue to do so.
All my catalogues, Postcards, printed materials, including the enormous 4 x 8 metre Banknote, "Eurus", have been designed, created & printed by Christian Günther and his company Profil

I joke with Christian saying that I must behave so he doesn’t throw me out. He’s not only my friend and neighbor, he’s also my landlord.

To be an artist and behave at the same time is extremely difficult sometimes. Thankfully I have something essentially in common with Christian. I also strive to be perfect with maybe the only difference being that I make art and there is no right and wrong in art.
What I have learned and I learned the hard way is that what hurts you is wrong, what releases you from being hurt is right and it is better to go beyond judgment altogether and do it anyway. 
That is art.
The will to perfection forever in the present moment.