Korbi - Young Artist Ambassador


Korbi had been walking past the MoMA Lemon gallery window from his parents at one end of the gallery street to his grandparents at the other end for about 8 years. How sweet that he was inspired by what he's been seeing in the windows of MoMA lemon, the endless succession of cow paintings by Pete Kilkenny, the endless ideas for printing & painting projects & god knows what else.

Then he wanted to exhibit his own work in the windows of the MoMA Lemon Gallery in Burghausen. We immediately said yes. We recognized Korbi's potential. Of course we do. Children are naturally gifted. Each & every one of them. They only need to be exposed to their own creativity. 

We went so far as to make him our Ambassador. He could lead the way for a brighter future, like all children. At MoMA Lemon we know art is more powerful than money. And as the narrator in, "The Little Prince", believes, adults are obsessed with the wrong things, money, ambition, facts & figures, as we believe also that grown ups, due to their preoccupation with money & false ideas of security, have somehow lost their sense of being, their true natural sense of childish joy.

I would like to quote another artist who also believed the same as the narrator of The Little Prince

"I do believe art is more powerful than money, though. I still believe that. And if I ever find out money's more important, I'll knock it on the head"

- Damien Hirst • Richest Artist in the World

Unfortunately Damien was recently quoted as saying, "Money is as important as love"

"Waldrapp" • Acryl auf Leinwand • 70 x 50cm • 2021
Korbi, used to be an Artist in Burghausen

Now Korbi works in a chemical factory, rather like Damien working in his money factory. Knock it on the head Damien